Red Hot Lists

What are some of our top film picks through the ages? Check out our lists below to find out.

Star Wars

Stormtroopers, the Millennium Falcon, the Force. Get your Star Wars marathon on.

Nicholas Sparks films

Best paired with tissues and ice cream, the film adaptations of Nicholas Sparks's novels are perfect for girls' night in.

Top 10 Rented Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

He's the king of Hollywood! Can you guess which of his movies are most rented by DVD Netflix customers?

60 Best Girls' Night Movies

Grab your besties and your favorite snacks – have a girls' night in marathon!


Norse gods, billionaire playboys, and lots of Spandex.

Sci-Fi Stories

Travel parallel universes and rub shoulders with extraterrestrials with these science fiction favorites.

Top 50 Rented Comedies

There's nothing like sharing some gut-busting laughs with friends and family, and a funny movie night is the perfect way to bring everyone together. 

Olympics Movies

Every four years, the world gathers to be amazed by the capabilities of elite athletes from all around the globe.

Top 25 Most Rented Kids' Movies

"Kids' movies" though they may be, children's films hold a special place in the hearts of movie lovers of all ages! Add some of our 25 most rented kids' movies to your queue.

The Bourne Saga

Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne in this series of high octane thrillers.

Fantasy Films

Myths, legends, and magic come alive in these fantasy classics.

Indiana Jones

Tweed suits, fedora, and whip - famed archaeologist Indiana Jones is ready for action.

Classic American Summer Movies

Summer camp, awkward family vacations, hilarious shenanigans, and adolescent angst all characterize the classic American summer vacation.

2016 Emmy Nominations

The nominations for the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards have been announced! Queue the nominees, watch them, and pick your favorites before the award ceremony on September 18.

Beach Movies

Sand, sun, surf, survival, silliness, suspense, and soul. These beach movies cover it all!

Disney Pixar

Some of cinema's most heartwarming and memorable stories have been brought to us by the talented folks at Disney Pixar.

Dystopian Young Adult Franchises

The future is bleak. Teens in fictional future societies fight to survive cruel tyrannies and mysterious oppressors.

Harry Potter

The entire Harry Potter series, from meeting baby Harry on Privet Drive to destroying horcruxes to defeat Voldemort.

Summer Love

Warm sun and sparks of attraction are the perfect recipe for unforgettable summer romance.

Shark Movies

Razor teeth on giant aquatic monsters that are bent on destroying the world. Embrace the campy goodness of the beloved shark movie.

Inspirational Faith

Strengthen your faith with these inspirational stories of prayer, family, freedom, and gospel.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp steals the show as Jack Sparrow in Disney's beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

LEGO Mania

Your favorite childhood construction material - the beloved LEGO - stars in animated adventures.

Star Trek

One of the iconic pillars of sci-fi culture, Star Trek is here to stay. Queue the Enterprise, Spock, and Captain Kirk.

What To Watch Before Attending Comic Con

Vulcans, the Serenity, Jedi, the Avengers. Here's the checklist of titles you should watch as Comic Con 101.

Oscar Winners Through The Decades

The Academy Awards debuted in 1929 - here are the Best Picture winners from each decade.

Captain America: Civil War

Two of our favorite Avengers go head-to-head in a clash of loyalties. Who do you stand with - Captain America or Iron Man?

Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month - explore the stories of some incredible women.

James Bond, By The Actor

Connery, Brosnan, Craig. Many men have stepped into James Bond's impeccably shined shoes. Who played him best?

Favorite Movie Couples

Jack and Rose, Harry and Sally - which movie couple steals your heart the most?

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Jane Austen meets the undead.

5 Movies That Make You Love Reese Witherspoon

When we think rom-com, we think Reese Witherspoon. From bubbly ingénue to jaded dating veteran, America's sweetheart personifies both the light and bittersweet sides of love.

6 Romantic Comedies that Every Millennial Should See

The classic romantic films of the '80s, '90s, and '00s featured Hugh Grant, Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan, and John Cusack haplessly falling in love with co-stars like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Laugh at the days of online chat rooms, big hats, and big hair and fall in love all over with some of these movie icons.