Inside The Envelope

Is it here yet? See your mailers with Informed Delivery®

You returned your disc a few days ago, so you know that your next one is arriving soon. But… it’s cold, wet, and the mailbox is 100 snow-covered yards away. How do you know if it’s worth making that walk to the mailbox? For eligible households, it’s as simple as signing up for Informed Delivery from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

As our mailboxes get fuller this holiday season and mail traditionally starts to ‘disappear,’ you can keep track of exactly what is coming to your house. There are two easy ways to track: receive the daily digest email or use the Informed Delivery app.

If one of your red envelopes was being delivered on a certain day day, your email from USPS might look like this:

Informed Delivery DVD Netflix.png

If you prefer to not receive emails, you can take a quick look in the app:

Informed Delivery App DVD Netflix.jpeg

Informed Delivery lets you digitally preview your mail and manage your packages. It also allows you to view images of the exterior of letter-sized mail pieces and track your packages in one convenient location.

This is a handy service provided by the USPS for free, and doesn’t replace our direct communication with you about your favorite red envelopes. To learn more about how we turn your envelopes so quickly, visit our 20th anniversary video series with Part 3: Delivered to Your Door.

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