Thoughts of a Game of Thrones Fan, in GIFs

Season 6 is coming. The anticipation builds.


That one friend in your squad who hasn't even watched Game of Thrones scoffs at how obsessively the rest of you watch each new trailer and tag each other in GoT memes.


Carefully navigate around spoilers that abound on the Internet.


You're working through your queue of Game of Thrones discs. As soon as you get home, you pop open your mailbox, grab the new disc, heat up some dinner, and marathon.

THIS IS YOUR JAM. Your veins flow with the lion blood of aggression whenever you hear it. (Like, it's definitely on your commute playlist – someone just cut you off? THEY MUST PAY THE IRON PRICE.)

You wake up and your screen is filled with the horror of the Red Wedding. When did you fall asleep? You check the clock.


It's 5:30 AM and you're supposed to get up in an hour. Whoops.


You spend the rest of day not being a productive member of society since you continually zone out, dreaming of money and power. Just call you Kendrick of House Lannister.

The Game of Thrones Facebook page just posted a bunch of teasers!

Your face when you see the face of every character that you love hanging in the Hall of Faces.


Quickly, you realize that they're showing everybody's face, so this doesn't mean that they'll actually die..... Your worry subsides. But it is Game of Thrones. And when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Your worry increases.

But.... We'll find out soon enough. The new season starts airing on Sunday. 


Have you queued your Game of Thrones marathon?