DVD: A Love Story “The Early Days”

In 1998, one man had an idea that would change the way we watch movies forever.

Two decades and over four billion discs later, we're still here to deliver movie night to you. As part of this momentous celebration, we'll be posting episodes of a multi-part documentary featuring a behind-the-scenes look at 20 years of DVD Netflix.

Our first chapter gives you a glimpse inside our early days as a company, and how it all got started.

Look for new episodes each month! In April, we’ll tell you all about America’s favorite iconic red envelope. In May, you’ll discover how millions of discs are delivered across America every week. And in June—dive into how DVD Netflix built the world’s largest film catalogue.

Visit DVD.com/20Years each month to discover a new episode, and share on your social media channels using hashtag #DVD20.

Thank you for helping us reach the 20-year milestone! We can't wait to celebrate with you.