Tax Season Thoughts

The IRS tax return filing deadline is April 17th. Have you filed yet? Share in the merry feelings of the happiest time of the year... tax season.


It's time to break out those W-2s and 1099s.


Navigating your 1040, you worry about accidentally answering incorrectly.


Ugh. You just barely squeaked into the next higher tax bracket.


Wow, look at all these deductions you don't qualify for.


And you just realized you've been basing your calculations off the wrong number.


Time for a coffee break.


You return with a renewed sense of purpose, determination, and duty.


It's a volatile time for your emotions as you hunker down and finish this return.


At times, you even find yourself talking to your tax documents.


Finally. Done. Is it April 17th yet? Made it just in time.


But hey, nothing beats getting that tax refund. #makeitrain


Congratulations, you successfully adulted.