Spotlight on Bill Pullman

There are few actors in Hollywood who can say they’ve played a renegade space pilot and ghost-hunting single dad. But somehow, Bill Pullman has mastered both, as well as just about everything in between. So, we cheers to Mr. Pullman (who celebrates his 65th birthday this December 17th), as well to as our six favorite films of his career!

When Earth was under attack in Independence Day, Bill (ahem, I mean President Whitmore) seriously stepped up for his country. His speeches inspired and his jet missiles successfully hit targets. Without him, Earth surely wouldn’t have survived. Thank you for your service, Pres- er, courageous role, Bill.


Mel Brooks absolutely crushed spoofing for decades when he made Spaceballs, but some of that success has to be attributed to Bill Pullman playing the perfect Lone Starr. His comedic timing as the intergalactic renegade, as well as his chemistry with on-screen partner John Candy, has us naming Spaceballs a top ten favorite film for lightyears to come.


A League of their Own celebrates a rich time in history and the formation of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Pullman plays main character Dottie Gibson’s well-meaning veteran husband. Although his role may not be massive, the movie wouldn’t be the same without him. What an epic, moving film to have been a part of.

Another fabulous time period piece, Newsies, boasts a cast that could rival almost any. However, it’s Pullman’s character, Bryan Denton, that makes all the difference. Without the aid of his journalistic integrity, Jack Kelly (a young Christian Bale) would have had much “Harder Times.”

No Pullman list would be complete without Casper. In it he is a bumbling single father on an undying quest to find his late wife and connect with the spirit world. I am sure to return to Whipstaff Manor every Halloween, but perhaps another trip is in order already...


1953 gave us Bill, and 1986 gave us his film debut in the madcap gem of a movie, Ruthless People. In it Pullman plays the boyfriend of the girlfriend of a scheming Danny Devito, who hopes to off his wife and run away with his lover (if you followed that). However, Pullman’s dim-witted character Earl, does a fabulous job of messing things up and setting off a chain of events that are absolutely ridiculous. And he looks pretty good doing it, too.


Happy birthday, Bill Pullman, from all of us here at DVD Netflix!

Amy Chesler

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