Using The Updated DVD Queue

You might have noticed that your trusty queue has a fresh face. Since you - our loyal DVD customers - are using our service from smartphones and tablets more than ever, we knew it was time for us to make a site that keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle!

We appreciated the constructive feedback we received from some of you as we started to roll it out. The updated queue has the best of both design worlds, incorporating familiar and new features.

Get acquainted with your new queue by watching this one-minute highlights video:


If you haven’t used drag-and-drop before with your queue, you’ll love this easy maneuvering by simply clicking, holding, and moving titles to new positions.


To move or remove things from your queue, hover over the numbers on the left or the buttons on the right.


Plus, check out the new mobile view. When you hear about a must-watch movie, add it to your queue right then and there. Mood change while you're out and about? Reorder your queue while waiting in line or eating lunch.

DVD Netflix Mobile Queue.png