Envelope, Please! And the Winners Are....

A few months ago, we held a very special contest – the chance to design the fall mailers. You guys blew us away; we were inundated with thousands of submissions. In fact, we had so many great submissions that we're going to post a runner-up's design every day from now until the end of October!

From the many piles of paper and pixels of digital illustrations, four creative designs stood out. Now, you'll start to see their wonderful artwork pop up in your mailboxes. Envelope, please! And the winners are.....


We absolutely fell in love with this whimsical trio of trick-or-treaters! Popcorn, a Netflix DVD, and a mug of hot cocoa with a marshmallow on top – the perfect combination for a cozy fall evening.

Alice's favorite snacks for movie time are watermelon and pistachios. She considers Kings of Pastry to be a highly underrated movie and imparts this wisdom: "Be sure a good bakery will be open when you finish watching!!!"

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The best cavity-free treat of all is a new red envelope from DVD Netflix. No need to go door-to-door asking "trick-or-treat!" We deliver movies to you all year-round.

Jim is like the James Bond of popcorn – his is never microwaved, and always made on the stove. He's been a Netflix member for "as long as I can remember.... way before the streaming service started," and has lost count of how many times he's seen Jaws and Caddyshack.

Browse Jim's movie picks here.


This adorable bear family perfectly captures the family togetherness and warm spirit of autumn! We love how Ksenia creatively used the barcode slot as Mama Bear's honey shelf. 

The first movie Ksenia ever rented from us was Madagascar. She's a Mel Brooks fan that loves drinking hot chocolate while watching movies. Her favorite film is Spirited Away because it's "beautifully drawn, imaginative, whimsical, sad, funny and uplifting – all at the same time."

Peruse Ksenia's movie selections here.


Good things come in small packages, and this minuscule monster's movie in the mailbox sums it up wonderfully. Your next movie night is always waiting in the mailbox when you've got DVD Netflix!

If Cris had to choose a favorite film, it'd be My Fair Lady: "Every part of it – story, dialogue, acting, set, and music – is so perfectly crafted, but together? I always feel like it casts a spell." Meanwhile, Dances With Wolves makes her cry into her popcorn every time.

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