DVD Netflix Is Set to Release Its First Web Series on YouTube

Exciting news ahead for DVD Netflix! The brand-new web series Set Life is scheduled to premiere on their YouTube platform on June 15, 2019, featuring host and acclaimed filmmaker Ethan Paisley, co-executive producer Tiffany Unscripted, and director Ben Escobar.

Creating web content to promote DVD Netflix was one of the first major marketing initiatives of DVD Netflix Director Tiffany Unscripted after she became a member of the rental service in November of 2013. Set Life is just one of many steps she has taken to promote Netflix’s enduring DVD business.

Co-executive producer Tiffany Unscripted

Co-executive producer Tiffany Unscripted

“I wanted a series that could resonate with movie lovers interested on how a film is produced. I reached out to Ethan, who has extensive experience in film production, and he pitched the idea to make it a docu-series. The idea was fantastic! I gave the nod, we discussed the concept, and he wrote the script. I knew Ethan would make an incredible host and I’m happy to have him on board. He’s the star! He makes Set Life shine. He’s also joins me as executive producer on the series,” said Tiffany Unscripted.

Set Life is a six-part docu-series that explores the six steps of filmmaking, all the way from development to distribution. Each episode will focus on Ethan shadowing a new industry figure and their project, giving viewers a sense of what it takes to make a movie in 2019.

Set Life host Ethan Paisley

Set Life host Ethan Paisley

“Set Life is something I wish I could’ve watched when I first started making movies. The goal is to inspire people from all different backgrounds to chase their passion for filmmaking, and hopefully give them insight into what the steps are in getting their first project made,” said Paisley.

Set Life stars Ethan Paisley (Point 453), Katie Chang (The Bling Ring), Jessica Morris (Ladies of the Lake), Kash Hovey (Plastic Daydream), and Amy Lyndon (Law & Order: LA).

Take18 Entertainment serves as executive producer, the company Paisley started in 2016. Ben Escobar of 418 Films is director and producer and Tiffany Unscripted of DVD Netflix and Your Film Review serve as co-executive producer. Ben Escobar directed all six episodes.

“I am excited that DVD Netflix has decided to tap into social media and YouTube to promote their services,” said Paisley. “It has been a blast getting to host this series and I’ve learned a lot more about my industry by doing it, so I hope the audience does too!”

Paisley is known for his two feature films The Art of Escape and Point 453 which have been distributed in 86+ countries. He is also known for multiple talks he’s given at venues including TEDxSonoma and Cannes Lions, and last year he was the inaugural recipient of the Best Young Filmmaker award at the Young Entertainer Awards. He produces alongside Dillon Jordan of PaperChase Films, who recently sold Skin (Jamie Bell, Vera Farmiga) to A24.

Paisley is repped by Cohen & Gardner.