Battle of the Hub Managers

On the morning of Thursday, October 29, hub managers from all across the land descended on our Fremont office. The group truly represented each corner of the United States of America: "y'all" clashed with "you guys," and some preferred Chacos to tacos. However, it clearly came down to two distinct factions - East Coast vs. West Coast. Bright (dark?) and early at 6 AM, the hub managers of DVD Netflix competed in a battle of coastal pride.

First, a good morning shot of the hub:

In a scene reminiscent of John Henry vs. the steam-powered drill, our hub managers had a good old-fashioned envelope stuffing contest against the machine! Each coast had a turn going old school by stuffing DVDs into envelopes by hand. Was either coast able to beat the steady pace of technology?


In the red envelope-showered race between man and machine, the West Coast prevailed by a margin of 20 envelopes over the East Coast, and even beat the machine - barely.

Sorting is a pivotal part of DVD operations. We moved past sorting by hand long ago - check out our speedy automation.

Our East Coast and West Coast hub managers fought to see which coast could process the most inventory. As they hurried, they racked up points in the form of poker chips, which could be used to sabotage the other team. A couple of our poor hub managers struggled to complete tasks, hindered by the giant oven mitts they had to wear - quite an entertaining form of sabotage! In the end, the West came out on top again.


The final and most exciting event of the morning was the tricycle relay race! Each coast had five representatives that participated in the race to victory. The floors of the hub provided no traction, so as soon as they were off, they were a-driftin' and a-stickin'. 


The West Coast drifted across the finish line to clinch another victory, and the hub rocked with cries of "West Coast, best coast!" Today was a tale of how the West won, but who knows what will happen at the next gathering of hub managers? Until then, East Coast. 

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