A Life Remembered By Red Envelopes

Every so often, we receive a touching reminder that our humble red envelopes are an integral part of some people's lives. For some, a new red envelope is the highlight of their day, something to be lovingly collected and archived as a form of cinematic diary.

DVD Netflix lover

For 90-year-old Florence Rendulic, these red envelopes were a beloved part of her twilight years. She diligently logged her comments and ratings on each envelope flap she received. Reading through them, we got a glimpse of the personality behind one of our most loyal subscribers, and truly felt honored to have been such a huge part of her last years.

She was an avid fan of The Land Before Time series:

She loved IMAX nature documentaries and thought it was such a shame that they weren't longer:

Occasionally, she was misled by an innocent-sounding title:

Here are some excerpts from the immense stack of envelopes that her family was kind enough to send to us. 

My Neighbor Totoro, rated 4: "Very sweet - beautiful to look at."

Meet the Fockers, forgot to rate: "Risque but hilarious. The little boy (less than 1 year) was amazing. Liked the yappy dog, too!"

Emmanuel's Gift, rated 5: "2,000,000 people live in Ghana and 10% are born disabled - horribly so! Almost all of them have to beg to survive. Heartbreaking!"

Legends of the Falls, rated 5++: "Magnificent, but full of family love, betrayal, and tragedy. Killed by a grizzly in last scene."

Memoirs of a Geisha, rated 5+: "Simply beautiful, both to watch + listen to."

Dreamer, rated 5 5 5 5 5: "With Kurt Russell. SUPER MARVELOUS."

The Snow Walker, rated 5: "Excellent - filmed in Canada's Northeast territory near ArcticOcean. Saw Northern lights!!"

The Prestige, rated 5: "Michael Caine. Excellent but going from and to beginning to middle, etc. was hard."

Star Trek, rated 5: "Fun to watch!"

Dragonball: Evolution, rated 4: "Thot [sic] it was anime but I was wrong. Actors weren't half bad -- kinda cute, in fact."

Where the Red Fern Grows, rated 5++: "Wonderful backwoods story about a boy who raised two fine hunting dogs but on their graves, "the red fern grew." The country music was beautiful."

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, rated 5: "An oldie but a goodie. Sassy (cat), Chance (bulldog), Shadow (golden retriever)."

Mirrors, rated 5: "Scared the bejabbers out of me!! :-)"

Kung Fu Panda, rated 5++: "It was everything I waited and hoped for!! :-)"

The Lives of Others, rated 5+: "What a terrible way to live in East Germany after WWII with the Stasi watching and spying on you."

Law Abiding Citizen, rated 5: "Too violent. Too much swearing. Unbelievable."

The Informant, rated 5: "Marvelous acting by Damon who was a bipolar CEO who stole 11 1/2M by fraud. Based on fact!"

Under the Sea - IMAX, rated 5: "Wonderful but only 41 min. long. :-( I watched it twice!"

Florence Nightingale, rated 5: "Florence died at age of 90! :-)" [Comment from daughter: "So did my mother."]