27 Horror Movies That Won't Give You Nightmares

For those of us with sensitive stomachs or the desire to slumber peacefully on Halloween night, we’ve prepared a list of Halloween movies that won’t give you scary dreams.  

For kids, visit our list of Top 5 Un-Scariest Halloween Movies. While many of the movies below are family friendly, this list is targeted more for older teens and and adults.  We’ve broken them down into categories, and created our first-ever nightmare rating, so you can pick a style that works for your Halloween movie nights or post trick-or-treating pleasure.  

Pleasant dreams!

6 Funny Halloween Movies

Nightmare rating: Sweet Dreams For All

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV Series)


6 Slightly Scary Halloween Movies

Nightmare rating: Potentially Uncomfortable Dreams

1. Shaun of the Dead


4 Borderline Scary Halloween Movies

Nightmare rating: Possibly High, Depending On Your Taste

Note: In spite of the scary marketing copy on Evil Dead, we assure you this movie is not "the most terrifying film you ever experience." It’s meant to be satire. That said, if over-the-top gore isn’t for you, even in jest, then it’s OK to pass!